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6 Things You Must Consider When Hiring New Staff

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    Perry Noble
Hiring people is one of the most challenging things a leader has to do. Heck, ANYONE can look good in an interview; however, as everyone has learned (or will learn) just because a person talks a good game doesn’t mean that they can necessarily play well. Today I wanted to give a list of six things that we should always consider when hiring new staff, and these are things in regards to how we should never hire the person: 1. Who you have to talk yourself into. If you cannot convince yourself that this is the right person for the job, then you will not be fully supportive of them in their new role, which is completely unfair for them! 2. Who you could not trust with your social security number! Character flaws are a HUGE warning sign and can never been compromised—period! 3. Who you would not want to spend time with outside of work. I once had a leader tell me to never hire friends, which was a bit odd to me because as I read the NT. I’m pretty sure that the guys who worked together liked one another and actually spent time with each other outside of work. Call me crazy, but I hire people that I like, or at least believe I will enjoy spending time with. Why in the world would a leader hire people that they do not like and then complain about the people that they have to spend 40-50 hours a week with? 4. Who can do the job “for now.” TRUST ME, it is better to have NO ONE fill the position than the wrong person fill the position! 5. Who is a “victim!” What I mean is that it has never worked out for them anywhere else they have worked, but it’s "not their fault." Those other people just didn’t see how awesome, gifted, talented and godly that they were. If they spend time bashing their last employer, it is just a matter of time until they are saying the same things about you. 6. Who has ZERO passion! The church cannot afford passionless people in prominent positions. Life is too short and hell is too hot to have people on staff that do not care about Jesus, people far from God, the church and it’s vision. A person with no passion will always seek to do the least amount possible, and people like that never make a difference!