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The Difference Between Credibility and Ability

The Difference Between Credibility and Ability
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    Paul Alexander
There’s a big difference between ability and credibility. I’ve had conversations with many young leaders who think they should get a shot at an opportunity or they deserve be promoted because of their ability. But what many young leaders fail to understand is that real leadership is recognized, not appointed. This is not about “paying your dues,” but rather figuring out three big leadership lessons…
  • Learning to Be Patient: The art of timing is essential in leadership.
  • Submitting to Authority: You can’t be in authority without learning to be under authority.
  • Delivering Consistently Over Time: Building the credibility to lead, not just having the ability to.

Ability is an unrealized ceiling that you have based on your potential.

Just because you have the ability to doing something doesn’t mean you have done it or that you will do it. You have an upside because someone sees something in you. You have the potential to deliver, but you haven’t delivered yet…at least not consistently over an extended period of time. You’ve shown flashes of greatness but can you deliver that day in and day out?

Credibility is what you have when you demonstrate ability over time.

What makes you credible is the fact that you’ve delivered consistently over time. People know what to expect from you. You show up over and over and over again. You are consistent with what you deliver over and over and over again. You know it and everyone else knows it. People know you can do a job, because you’ve proven it. This article originally appeared here.