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The Dumbest Thing Emotionally Intelligent Leaders Do

The Dumbest Thing Emotionally Intelligent Leaders Do
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    Paul Alexander
Emotional Intelligence will change the way you view yourself, the way you view others and the way you go about your work. While I.Q. measures your intelligence, or the way you process information, E.Q. measures how effective someone is at interpersonal relationships. It is the unique combination of being simultaneously self-aware and others-focused. In today’s modern leadership environment, it is commonly accepted that people with a high E.Q. outperform people with a high I.Q. Every time. That’s because to get significant and meaningful work done it requires a team. The team outperforms the individual every time, and to get a team working at a high level requires a high E.Q. Great leaders are great team leaders. They have the ability to make people on the team feel heard, valued, as though we can trust them, and that we actually want to follow them where they’re going. They are masterful at the art of relationships, and relationships are both the grease and the glue that make work happen. But just because someone has a high E.Q. doesn’t mean they’re necessarily going to be a good leader. They may be talented but that doesn’t make them good. Those are two very different things. No amount of emotional intelligence will compensate for a fatal flaw of character. Void of character, a high E.Q. will drive leaders toward manipulation instead of leadership. Leadership = I want something for you Manipulation = I want something from you When emotionally intelligent leaders get these two confused and become unaware of which lane they are in, their E.Q. quotient actually goes down. When they do it on purpose, they turn into very dangerous people. When leaders allow the organization that they’re leading to begin serving them instead of them serving the organization they’re a part of, those leaders actually cripple both their leadership footprint and the mission impact of the organization that they’re leading. That’s the dumbest thing that an emotionally intelligent leader can do. This article originally appeared here.