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Free Download: 10 Reasons to NOT Take the Job

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    William Vanderbloemen
You finally got that job offer, and the excitement is electric. It’s not easy getting a job, particularly if it’s a ministry job. So when the offer finally comes, you should be grateful and say yes, right? You should view the offer as a call from God, right? Maybe not. Too often, we see candidates who in their past have taken a job they shouldn’t have taken, only to wind up regretting the decision later, staying in the position a shorter period of time than they thought they would, and ending up with a resume filled with lots of “job hopping.” In order to prevent this from happening to you, what are the warning signs that you should look for when evaluating a job? After helping hundreds of churches find their key staff and build their teams, we’ve seen some clear patterns from people with a history of getting caught up in the excitement of a job offer. Below are ten “flags” to look for; some are “red flags,” and some are “yellow.” But all ten are worth paying attention to before you sign on the dotted line. So pause before you accept that offer, and carefully consider these ten reasons to not take the job.


Resource courtesy of Vanderbloemen Search Group.