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Is It Time for a Ministry Do Over?

Is It Time for a Ministry Do Over?
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    Christopher Wesley
I’m the new guy once again. As a kid, I hated being the new guy because there was a lot of unknown. As an adult, there still is a lot of unknown with being new and that’s okay. In fact, it’s better. It’s going to be fun blogging to all of you from the perspective of someone who has been in ministry for over a decade and now as someone who is new. As I settle into this new position I’m reminded that when you start over you need:

1. Humility for the Turnover

This is the scariest truth when it comes to being new. As the new person, you signify change, and not everyone wants to make the change. It’s okay and the key is not to take it personally. Instead, you need to look at it as if God is pruning your ministry. He’s creating space in order for you to grow. If someone leaves or if teens don’t return, try not to take it personally. After all, they don’t know you well enough to make a clear judgment on your character. Invest in who stays, and you will build a solid foundation.

2. Confidence in What You Are Given

You aren’t going to have everything you had at your previous church. It can be a little disarming when you don’t have the same:
  • People who knew your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Resources you trusted to get the job done.
  • Systems that guided you in the direction you wanted to go.
Instead of complaining, embrace what you have. God’s going to give you what you need, and by embracing it you are inviting Him to bless you.

3. Boldness to Ask for Help

People are going to be so happy that you are the church and they’re going to offer their assistance. The first few days will feel great, but in the end, you need to follow up on some of those offers. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Be sure to ask questions like:
  • How do we get this task done?
  • What’s the history behind this program?
  • Who are the people I should be talking to?
  • What hasn’t worked and what has?
  • Why is this happening this way?
To make the best decisions for your ministry you need to make sure you are getting the best information possible. And that only comes by asking the right questions.

4. Patience to Allow Everything to Unfold

It will take an unknown amount of time to reach your goals. You probably learned that in your first job, but you have to remind yourself constantly. It doesn’t matter how many years you previously worked in ministry, you are new and a change to your current place of employment. It’s going to take people time to adjust and respond to your plan. Patience is key because it will remind you to stay focused on what needs to be done. So begins another marathon for me. As I begin this first leg I’m reminded not to rush. If you are new to ministry, remember that while you have goals to reach and a vision to fulfill, you don’t want to miss out on the journey. God is shaping you into the leader He wants you to be.