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What's Holding You Back From Leading?

What's Holding You Back From Leading?
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    Perry Noble
The one thing that holds most leaders the willingness to do WHATEVER it takes. In my own leadership journey this has proven true as there were times I chose the EASY decision over the RIGHT decision…because I knew the right decision was going to be a lot of work. Most leaders really are incredibly smart, they know the right decisions to make—but they know that when they make them there will be a certain level of uncomfortability that must be embraced… …and many times we as leaders can fall in the love with the way things are instead of being compelled by how things could and should be. The church should absolutely lead the way when it comes to embracing the uncomfortable in order to experience the undeniable work of God in our ministries. I really do believe Jesus STILL wants to build His church, I believe He wants to do it through leaders who are willing to do whatever it takes—and I really hope and pray you are one of those leaders. If this is you then you’ve got to be at our roundtable event on March 21-22 (here’s the link)—the early bird rate of $499 ends this Friday…and we ONLY have about 10 spots left (we are capping the event at 50 people!). I honestly believe it will be one of the best investments you will ever make in your leadership—and when you get better, your church does as well. And...if you are a business leader then at our roundtable event we are having on March 20 we are going to talk about how to FOCUS on what matters, develop a game plan for the next six to 12 months, clarify our marketing so we will see more profits, and how to break through the barrier of making difficult decisions. The early bird rate of $499 ends this coming Friday—and nearly half the spots (25) are already sold (we are capping the event at 50). (Here is the link) I can promise you it will be one of the best investments you’ve ever made into your business.