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When to Hire From the Outside

When to Hire From the Outside
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    Paul Alexander
In making your next hire the best place to begin is by looking for existing talent that is already inside the church or organization first. For more on that, check out part-1 of this post “When to Hire From the Inside.” But an inside hire may not always be the best hire. In fact here are three overarching principles that will help you understand when it’s time to go outside to make your next hire.

1. It’s Time to Implement Change

When you don’t like the culture and the ministry practices that are in place, it’s time for a change. And that means a new hire from the outside that brings with it a new skill-set, new experiences, an infusion of new ideas and fresh eyes that challenge the status quo. If change were going to happen with the current staff it would have already happened.

2. The Church Is Stuck

As a church grows it’s not uncommon that it will outgrow various leadership lids of some of the staff on the team. When the staff has hit a lid and is stuck, the ministries and the church will become stuck as well. If the staff can’t grow past that lid they’ll need to be moved over, under or out.

3. A Specific Skill-Set Is Needed

It’s not uncommon as a church grows that needs arise for very unique skillsets and greater talent levels that simply may not already exist inside the church. They may involve I.T., media, creative arts, a worship leader, or a presentation or speaking gift.