The Church Media / Technology job works behind the scenes to make it possible to share the message of a church with large groups of people through amplified sound, recordings, PowerPoint presentations, Web pages, and other forms of communication. In larger congregations, the media ministry is led by a paid staff person who coordinates the efforts of a team of media ministry volunteers, while in smaller congregations the entire ministry is handled by volunteers. The Church Media / Technology job includes audio, lighting, photography, sound, tape and video for church services. The person who fills the job of the Church Media / Technology job must have demonstrated skill in the areas of the job.

Media / Technology Jobs

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Revolution Church
Canton, GA

Communications Specialist

Christian Life Center
Dayton, OH

Technologies Director

Hill Country Bible Church
Austin, TX

Contemporary Music & Media Director

First Presbyterian Church
Lake Placid, FL

Technical Director

King's Park International Church
Durham, NC