Lead Pastor

Peace Church New Salem, ND Full Time
1 month ago

Job Description

We are seeking a full time pastor to lead our Sunday sermons, shepherd our congregation, provide guidance to those in need. Act as a disciple for our church and build/facilitate confirmation along with officiating weddings, funerals, & baptisms.  


Seeking and Ordained Pastor to shepherd a Non-Denominational congregation with strong Biblical & Ministerial experience. Should interact well with a small community church and relate to a large age range of members. Also, desired is skills to interact well with our youth, youth programs, and various church leaders.

Salary & Benefits

$45,000 - $63,000

  • Health care
  • Vacation days
  • Parsonage
  • Retirement

Can be done remote?

  • No

About Peace Church Church

Non-denominational Under 100 people

We are seeking a full time pastor to lead our Sunday sermons, shepherd our congregation, provide guidance to those in need. Act as a disciple for our church and build/facilitate confirmation along with officiating weddings, funerals, & baptisms.  


Peace Church

P.O. Box 49

410 Elm Avenue

New Salem, ND 58563

Telephone: (701)843-7376

Church Secretary: Anita Dusek

President of Church Council: George Kreidt

4979 Co. Rd. 139 New Salem, ND 58563 (701)226-2179

Search Committee Chairman: George Kreidt

                             4979 Co. Rd. 139 New Salem, ND 58563 (701)226-2179

Search Committee Secretary: Shiree Wolf

                             3755 40th St. New Salem, ND 58563

Position to be filled: Lead Pastor of Peace Church

A.    Membership: 376                                         Average attendance: 83


1.     Originated in April 1883. German Evangelical Church. Later became Evangelical and Reformed, and in 1961, merged with the Congregational Church to become the United Church of Christ. In March, 1944, Peace Church voted to remove itself from UCC and became an independent church.

2.     Very strong family ties to the church, reaching back for several generations.

3.     Major occupations of the members include farming and ranching, agribusiness, various laborers, and professionals. Also a large group of retired persons.

4.     Very strong lay leadership within the church. Many dedicated people willingly give of their time and talents on a regular basis.

5.     During the year 1993 there was a conflict with the doctrine and principles of the North Dakota Conference of the United Church of Christ. Due to these issues Peace Church voted to remove itself from the UCC denomination and become an independent church.


              1883 - 1884                                     Rev. H. Gyr

              1885 - 1887                                     Rev. R. Kruger

              1887 - 1905                                     Rev. A. Schoenhuth

              1905 - 1908                                     Rev. A Sturm

              1908 - 1909                                     Rev. A.Schoenhuth

              1909 - 1925                                     Rev. John Fontana

              1925 - 1927                                     Rev. R. G. Bareis

              1927 - 1931                                     Rev. Ernst O. Mueller

              1932                                   Rev. R. G. Bareis

              1932 - 1935                                     Rev. A. A. Mann

              1935 - 1937                                     Rev. M. L. Seybold

              1937 - 1951                                     Rev. Ernst O. Mueller

              1951 - 1955                                     Rev. Wm. Siemers

              1955 - 1967                                     Rev. G. F. Steffen

              1968 - 1975                                     Rev. Harry O. Willman

              1976 - 1989                                     Rev. William H. Smith

              1990 – 1996                                    Rev. Gary J. Crites

              1996 – 2000                                    Rev. Herb

              2001 – 2022                                    Reb. Joshua Eddy

Our most recent minister, Pastor Joshua Eddy, is leaving us to retire in his home area of Connecticut


1.     Organizations- Average Attendance

a.     Sunday School - 55

b.     Bible Study - 6

c.     Joy Fellowship - 15

d.     Cemetery Board - 4

e.     Mission Board – 4

f.      Sanctuary Choir - 40

g.     Handbell Choir - 12

h.     CIA Youth Group - 15

i.      Elm Crest Board Representation - 4

2.       Year                   General Operating Expense              Missions Giving

2018                            $137,251                                    $14,007     

2019                            $137,635                                    $15,883

2020                            $144,816                                    $650 (Covid Year)

2021                            $146,671                                     $14,280

2022                            $134,568                                    $10,149      


1.     Church and grounds – ½ city block

                                                   i.    Built in 1950

                                                  ii.    Sanctuary seats 400

                                                 iii.    Sound room and video system

Connected to Elm Crest Manor Nursing Home- all services transmitted live. Services also recorded on DVD and uploaded to YouTube

                                                 iv.    Large dining room

                                                  v.    Handicap accessible to both levels

2.     Christian Education Building

                                                   i.    Two story addition to church in 1977

                                                  ii.    20 Sunday School rooms

                                                 iii.    Pastor’s office, secretary’s office and work room air conditioned

                                                 iv.    Large atrium area

                                                  v.    No indebtedness on Church or Christian Education building

3.     Parsonage

                                                   i.    Built in 1985 – purchased by church in 1990

                                                  ii.    Freshly painted Living, Dining, Kitchen, Family Room, 4 Bedrooms, 3 Baths

                                                 iii.    Attached double garage

                                                 iv.    Central air

                                                  v.    In residential area ½ block from church

                                                 vi.    No indebtedness

                                               vii.    Fiber internet

4.     Elm Crest Manor Nursing Home – 1 city block

                                                   i.    Peace Church is the owning corporation. Operation corporation from within

                                                  ii.    Built in 1969 – Multiple additions with future additions planned.

                                                 iii.    52 skilled nursing beds and 22 assisted living apartments – filled to capacity

                                                 iv.    Skilled Medicare/Medicaid approved.

                                                  v.    Outpatient physical, occupational, and speech therapy


New Salem is a small rural community of 1000 people, located on I-94 in west central North Dakota. The population is 99% Caucasian, and the ethnic background is mainly German and Norwegian. New Salem has an excellent school system, located in 2 buildings, elementary and high school. The school also provides the community with a fitness center where physical therapy is also provided. New Salem has a newly built grocery store, Tellmann’s market, as well as, other shopping opportunities. The community has a swimming pool, beautiful park area, golf course, campground and a large Historical Museum complex that provide areas for outdoor lovers. The capital city of North Dakota, Bismarck is located only 30 miles east on I-94. It is a hub of medical, cultural, and retail activity.


In a recent church survey, Peace Church members expressed the following are important for the ministry of Peace Church.

Relational Attributes

1.     Builds a sense of fellowship among the congregation and those they work with.

2.     Is a compassionate/empathetic person who is sensitive to other’s needs

Leadership Attributes

1. Is a compelling preacher/speaker

2. Is competent in planning and leading worship service

3. Effectively works with committees and officers

Discipleship Attributes

1.     Ministers effectively to those in crisis situations

2.     Works to bring new members to church

3.     Makes pastoral calls to people both confined and not confined to their homes

4.     Encourages members to use their gifts to assume roles within the church.

Teaching/Guiding Attributes

1.     Teaches people how to relate the Lord’s word to their daily lives

2.     Has a strong commitment to the education ministry of the church including Confirmation and Sunday School.

3.     Helps people develop their spiritual life and biblical skills.

General Feedback from the Congregation

In a recent church survey, Peace Church the most common feedback given was that the congregation would like to see the active membership grow. Our church has a large membership with low average attendance. The second most common comment was that the congregation wished to hear sermons that related the Bible to their daily lives.


We are seeking a full time pastor to lead our Sunday sermons, shepherd our congregation, provide guidance to those in need. Act as a disciple for our church and build/facilitate confirmation along with officiating weddings, funerals, and baptisms.