Student Ministries Director

Xenia Grace Chapel Xenia, OH Part Time
5 months ago

Job Description

Areas of Responsibility: Student Ministries will work with the Pastor, Church Leadership, and the church’s board members over student ministries (Student Coordinator) to develop and oversee a discipleship system from 6th grade through High School graduation and a hand-off to the Young Adult Ministry.

Core Responsibilities:

·        Provide leadership for the entire Student ministry with the assistance of the church board elected Student Coordinator.

·        Recruit, equip, and empower an active team of servant volunteers.

·        Develop and have a training system to mentor the passion and skills necessary to win students to Christ and train them.

·        Ensure all volunteers are certified by “Safe Place” with a background check.

·        To provide at least one gathering per week for a youth service.

·        To provide small groups or teaching time for different age groups and different needs with the youth group every week. 

·        That the student ministry is engaged in the life of the church body and ministries.

·        To pastor students and parents privately on specific issues in their families.

·        To establish 3-month goals for the key areas of the ministry.


Additional Responsibilities:

·        Assist the Pastor in visitation as needed.

·        Be involved emotionally, spiritually, physically, and relationally with the church family. 

·        Establish set office hours



·        Demonstrate a passion for knowing and serving Jesus.

·        Growing in their relationship with Christ through daily spiritual disciplines, involvement in a Grace Life Group, servant evangelism, and participation in church ministries.

·        Providing spiritual leadership at home with family in devotions, modeling holiness, and committed to mentoring/discipleship of those in their family.

  • Support the doctrinal position of Xenia Grace Chapel.
  • Support the mission, vision, and core values of Xenia Grace Chapel.
  • Work with and be accountable to the Pastor, Elder Board, and Students Coordinator on the church board in spiritual qualifications, ministry assignments, and responsibilities.
  • Work within the budget and financial procedures of Xenia Grace Chapel.
  • Be a servant leader to the church by being approachable, teachable, and supportive and helping shepherd God’s people.
  • Grow in areas of ministry by utilizing seminars, classes, books, conferences, etc.
  • Participate in staff meetings, yearly planning, and Church Board meetings as requested.
  • Be punctual for meetings and assignments, and have projects completed within the time structure required.


Salary & Benefits

$16,700 - $17,000

Can be done remote?

  • No

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