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About All Souls Fellowship Church

Presbyterian 251-500 people

Mission: Practicing the way of Jesus for the renewal of all things.

Values: Rooted in Scripture

Rooted in Community

Rooted in Practice

Rooted in Hope

Community Marks: A Community of Grace in a Culture of Judgment

A Community of Rest in a Culture of Exhaustion

A Community of Engagement in a Culture of Distraction

A Community of Contribution in a Culture of Consumption

A Community of Reconciliation in a Culture of Division

All Souls is entering its 20th year of ministry on Decatur's East Side. We are a congregation of the EPC that seeks to foster vibrant spirituality and intellectually honest theological conversation about the beauty, joy, and mystery of following Jesus in a post-Christian culture. Our worship style is a mix of home-brewed liturgy and music with a thoughtful approach to scripture and the world we inhabit. And our desire is to become a discipleship oriented congregation that emphasizes incarnational mission, spiritual practices, and intentional conversation in community.