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About Armstrong Chapel United Methodist Church Church

United Methodist 100-250 people

Our Values Guiding Principals

1 We welcome all of God's children as a part of our church community no matter what their spiritual state of mind

2 We are focused on reaching out and bringing Jesus Christ to the communities that surround us

3 We will meet all people where they are in their life. We will not be quick to judge. The circle is broad, and no one will stand alone

4 We are committed to showing the love of Jesus Christ through our acts of kindness in the community

5 We are committed to providing support and care for the spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, and financial needs of those around us who are hurting.

Our Vision

We see a Church that Jesus Christ challenges us to be in a relationship with Him and invite others to join us.

Celebrates God's many blessings of our gifts through volunteering our talents and service within the communities we serve.

Offers community opportunities through participation for emotional and spiritual support, study, and fun.

Places and keep Jesus Christ at the center of our lives by following His teachings through Biblically based Christian education.

Shares with all our life of joy, excitement, and wholeness in knowing Jesus Christ.