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5 Steps for Digging Yourself Out of the Ministry Trenches

5 Steps for Digging Yourself Out of the Ministry Trenches
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    Christopher Wesley
Day to day ministry is a battle.  On top of all the emails, phone calls and meetings popping up it can feel like there is problem after problem to tackle.  At the end of the day you are glad just to survive, but you wonder, “Have I made a difference?” Being stuck in urgency is what kills productivity.  In fact if all you are doing is putting out fires then you’ll never find progress nor satisfaction in your ministry.  What you need to do is take the time to: GET AWAY AND DEVELOP A PLAN What does this plan look like?

1. Decide What Needs to Change

If there was a problem you would like to fix was is it?  Your vision is based off of a burden that God has placed on your heart.  It’s more than just being present and involved, it’s about discovering how the next generation, your community or church could be better because of your ministry.

2. Figure Out Who Needs to Be a Part of the Journey

You might have great ideas, but you don’t have all of them.  You need a team that’s going to challenge, encourage and help you reach this vision. They are people who can contribute to the plan.  They are people who are going to help you solve problems and find the resources to make the vision possible.  Make sure you recruit the right people to the team (For more read my last post HERE).

3. Build in Guardrails to Keep You Focused

There are a thousand distractions that will derail you from reaching the vision.  Setting up guardrails means:
  • Setting up a schedule (and sticking to it).
  • Building a team of people to hold you accountable.
  • Developing a healthy lifestyle (i.e. exercise, eating and sleeping right).
  • Taking vacation, resting and enjoying a Sabbath.
The more you guard your heart the more you will resist the urgent to take on what’s most important.

4. Identify Mile Markers that Will Help You Get There

Not only do you need guardrails to keep you focused, but mile markers that will break down the journey.  Setting goals will not only help you reach your vision but track how efficient you are at getting there. Mile markers can also be tools of motivation for people on your team.  If they see that you are making progress then they will feel motivated to keep moving forward.

5. Trust that God is in Control

If God has given you this vision then you have to have faith that it will be fulfilled.  When things seem dire or when you are caught up in the urgent you need to seek out His grace.  Without Him you’ll only find frustration. To start developing a plan take time to step away from the desk for at least half a day.  Yes, you’ll feel like you are falling behind; however, the payoff is worth it.  The more time you spend on the big picture, the less time you’ll be stuck in the urgent.