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The Quiet Power of Grateful Leaders

The Quiet Power of Grateful Leaders
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    Christopher Wesley

I recently watched a Ted Talk titled The Happy Secret to Better Work by Shawn Achor. It made me think about my own attitude and whether or not I was approaching each day and those I serve with enough gratitude.

Ministry is a grind and there are seasons when we need to lament and mourn. However, if that’s where you stay then you won’t find yourself in ministry for long. If you can lead with gratitude, you’ll not only see your mood change, but you’ll see that you are:

1. Cultivating a Better Ministry Environment

A ministry filled with gratitude is one where your team plays to their strengths and cares for one another. Not only will there be a positive vibe, but you’ll find that you are being more productive. If you think your team is complaining too much then you need to check your attitude. Your attitude is contagious. If you want your team to build one another up, it has to come from you first.

2. Creating the Capacity to Commit

Your team not only has full-time lives, they are helping you out for free. The sacrifice that they experience will be minimal at times, but then there might be a:
  • Difficult situation at home that preoccupies their mind.
  • Scheduling conflict that makes it difficult to get to your program.
  • Season of spiritual dryness that makes ministry a challenge.
When you recognizing those hardships, walk with them through it and pray for them, you show them value. When someone feels valued they are going to live up to those standards. They’ll believe the sacrifice they are making is worth it.

3. Showing Your Family Their Value

Mission trips, weekend retreats and long nights of ministry can bleed into family time. If you aren’t careful they can totally take over. There will be times when your family makes a sacrifice and you won’t even know it. Make sure you show them your gratitude by protecting the time that’s only for them. This is a time when you rarely or never plan any ministry. It could be:
  • A regular date night with the spouse.
  • Saturday mornings when you have breakfast with your kids.
  • Two-week vacation every year.
Family time is when the phone gets put away and no one is checking email. You are showing how grateful you are for their sacrifice by making time with them a priority.

4. Avoiding Silos

No one likes a complainer. It’s draining, and people avoid a complainer because they don’t want to fall victim to their lamenting. The more you complain the more you’ll find yourself alone. Turn it around by giving those around you praise. Look for the bright spots and highlight them. People want to be around someone who sees the good in them, and that’s because we’re all seeking hope. Someone who leads with gratitude is someone worth following. It shows appreciation for the sacrifices that others make. It shows value to those who support you. Showing your gratitude honors God because you are embracing everything and everyone He places in your life.