Church Secretary/Clerk

Mount Olive Baptist Church Stafford VA Stafford, VA Part Time
3 months ago

Job Description

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

•   Perform Secretary/Clerk duties in accordance with the Church Constitution and Bylaws.

•   Provide administrative support to the Senior Pastor and Church Officers (as required) including but not limited to the following: preparing/distributing Church correspondence (mail and electronic), maintaining Church calendar, maintaining Church online membership directory/demographics, maintaining contact lists, professional handling of telephone/email/online inquiries, Pastoral and Church meetings setup/minutes, and preparing Church programs/forms/presentations/ flyers/etc.

•   Assist the Senior Pastor with worship services arrangements (e.g., Speakers, Preachers, Special Guests).

•   Complete various other duties as assigned by the Senior Pastor, Deacon Chairman, and Trustee Chairman.

•   Support membership and visitors including but not limited to new member onboarding/packets, welcoming visitors and conducting follow-up calls/correspondence, ensuring timely coordination of member requests of the Senior Pastor/Diaconate/Trustees/Executive Committee, and preparing cards/certificates of recognition.

•   Maintain discretion and confidence regarding church and ministry affairs.

•   Keep an accurate record of the following: Church Constitution/Bylaws, Executive Committee and Church meetings, outcomes of actions/items voted on officers/membership, baptisms, restorations, transfers, weddings, ordinations, deaths, burials, historical files, and other important activities.

•  Maintain an office filing system that preserves/retains duplicate copies (hardcopies and electronic files) of all Church official documents and correspondence.

•  Maintain Church property inventories and track supplies, order as needed and submit vouchers for payment as necessary. 

•  Perform other duties as assigned. 


Qualifications: The successful applicant will have completed a Bachelor’s* degree and can provide evidence of abilities to perform as a senior level executive assistant. Knowledge of and experience working in a Baptist church is a plus, as is some knowledge of Baptist polity. *Significant Executive Level Administrative experience (5 to 10 years) may substitute for a Bachelor’s degree.  

Salary & Benefits

$26,000 - $32,000

  • Vacation days

Can be done remote?

  • No

About Mount Olive Baptist Church Stafford VA Church

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Mount Olive Baptist serves as the oldest African American Church in Stafford County Virginia. Our Church has received recognition for serving the local community for over 200 years and for being one of the best places to worship. We believe strongly in God and our live by our motto of being the “Church Where Everybody is Somebody for God”. Our vision is to carry out the Will of God and advance the Kingdom of God through discipleship that impact lives within the community.